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The didactic excellence of the University

Project implementation period: 01/10/2022 – 31/01/2023

Priority axis: III Higher education for the economy and development

Operation: 3.4. Management in higher education institutions

Total project value: PLN 877 870.03, including ESF co-financing: PLN 739 868.85

Project goals:

The aim of the project is to increase the involvement of staff and students in activities for the quality assurance by involving them in the work on improving the Internal Quality Assurance and Work Organization System and supporting their activity in the area of ​​improving education processes, pro-quality attitudes, evolution of the didactic offer and raising competences.

Project description:

The project envisages activities improving the current Education Quality Assurance System by:

  1. Development of new standards of operation by developing maps of improved processes implemented in the Internal Quality Assurance and Work Organization System.
  2. Implementation of trainings increasing the competences of the teaching and administrative staff.
  1. Support for disabled students; Counteracting discrimination and mobbing; Dispute resolution; Contact with manipulative, aggressive and demanding people; Communication with people with mental health disorders; Communication with addicts; etc.
  2. Modern didactic methods – general didactics, methodology, voice emission and dedicated training taking into account the specificity of the discipline, e.g. training in distance learning methods and techniques.
  1. Conducting workshops to improve the methods of developing e-learning courses.
  2. Training for academic teachers of the CM UMK on the methods of conducting classes in clinical and surgical subjects and the practical use of correct anatomy to learn clinical subjects.

295 University employees are planned to participate in the project.


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