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University Council for Quality Assurance

Radio telescope at the observatory in Piwnice by night.

Tasks of the University Council for Quality Assurance:

  • promoting the idea of continuous improvement of the quality assurance and developing quality culture at the University through the dissemination of good practices, opinion giving on actions related to the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance and Work Organisation System, hereinafter referred to as the Academic Excellence System (AES);
  • formulating proposals for improvements in the form of recommendations addressed to the NCU Rector based on the results of assessments conducted under the AES;
  • monitoring the functioning of the AES procedures;
  • submitting to the Rector of annual reports on the activities of the Council, including the opinion on the effects of the AES functioning;
  • considering matters submitted by the vice-rector responsible for education;
  • giving opinions on applications to establish: new fields of study, levels and profiles of education and forms of degree programmes in the existing fields of study.
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